It is recommended to take PRIV100: Protecting Health Information for Everyone prior to completing this course.

Course Overview

Leaders in health care are dynamic individuals. They are often expected to perform multiple roles including manager, accountant, care provider, business owner, and privacy officer.

The list of responsibilities is always growing and so is the use of technology and health information systems. The goal of this course is for Leaders and Privacy Officers to gain an improved ability to develop safeguards, choose the most secure technology and ultimately, design their care delivery model to consider the protection of health information. This learning will review many of the key the significance of a user monitoring plan which includes roles and responsibilities, privacy, and security programs, monitoring for incidents, mandatory reporting, choosing, and implementing Health Information Technology, and the requirements of a Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • Flexible Delivery

    There are 6 online modules and uses self-paced delivery to work with busy schedules. It should take approximately 120 minutes to complete. A certificate of completion is issued upon completion.

  • Locally Developed

    Designed for Alberta-based care providers. Focusing on the Health Information Act but can still be easily applied to other jurisdictions as most of the principles are the same.

  • Discounts and more!

    Discounts for annual refresher learning and other perks provided! Large group offers are available (contact info@lemonlogix)


Amanda Bowdridge

Health Information Strategist

Amanda is a Health Information and Privacy Strategist, as well as an adult educator, who understands the complex needs of any type of healthcare provider organization, from large hospital systems to private physician practice. With over a decade of experience working in various sectors of healthcare, Amanda is passionate about supporting leaders and learners in creating privacy-conscious environments and managing health information in a world steeped in technological innovation. As a Certified Privacy and Health Information Management (CHIM) professional, she is competent in many different practice areas, including information governance, data quality, clinical knowledge, analytics, privacy, and technology.

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